Mitsubishi Electric's elevators and escalators are equipped with a variety of world-class technologies and functions that save energy and improve efficiency and convenience.

The power supply unit is capable of providing an uninterrupted supply of power even in the event of an emergency or disaster, maintaining a high level of stability and meeting a wide range of customer needs with high performance and reliability, such as in data centers, while reducing costs.In addition, we pledge to maintain high manufacturing technology and quality, and to minimize the need for maintenance services.

Product Introduction


Elevators without machine rooms are equipped with high-level door controls that detect and adjust for constant variations in door load, wind strength, and even the threshold groove sediment on each floor to assure smooth, quiet, and efficient door operation.

White Paper

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Comprehensive Solution Ideas

Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad lineup of solutions to support the building of your data center.
You can maximize the effectiveness of many solutions by using them in combination with one another.

Solution lineup


Designed with energy savings and cost reduction in mind, it can be customized for use with various sizes of equipment.


Energy-efficient devices that achieve optimal energy consumption, LVS that boast superior durability, high impermeability, and safety, and VCB that deliver safety, all contribute to energy savings.


Even in the event of a power failure or other power supply issues, it provides high-quality, stable power that does not interrupt the functions of various facilities and equipment.


The Building Management System (BMS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) provide secure, centralized monitoring of various systems in data centers.


We are promoting the development of compact, high-efficiency, and high-output technologies for motors and inverters to contribute to energy-efficiency and resource-saving in air-conditioning equipment.



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