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EVN CPC (Central Power Corporation)

Central Power Corporation (EVN CPC) - a member of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) - is a pioneer in energy management, economical and efficient use of energy in its production and business activities. Head office of EVN CPC located at 78A, Duy Tan Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city, have applied and implemented a total solutions to save energy for the building. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is proud to offer a total building solution package that not only maximizes the operational efficiency of the business but also contributes to improving the modern beauty of the building.
With a history of nearly 100 years of development in the field of manufacturing, marketing and trading of electrical and electronic equipment, Mitsubishi Electric Group has brought to Vietnam innovative products and technology solutions to improve people's lives, creating a greener environment through business activities and contributions to the social community.
The corporation's business philosophy is completely in line with the development orientation of EVN CPC, which always seeks and applies new solutions to save energy in business activities. Central Power Corporation has trusted the energy saving systems from Mitsubishi Electric, including high performance VRF City Multi system, elevator system, LED display system, Solar system, and especially the first solar energy charging station for electric cars in Vietnam.
EVN CPC Headquarters successfully applied the building solution from Mitsubishi Electric


Air conditioning in buildings is not only for controlling the temperature but also for saving energy and protecting the environment, which is a prerequisite from EVN CPC management. From there, Mitsubishi Electric's VRF CITY MULTI® system is the first choice of EVN CPC with outstanding features.
  • Works well in extreme ambient temperatures up to 52°C.
  • The highest energy saving factor is on the market. (EER 6.53)
  • Exclusive 3D i-see sensor technology & VET evaporative temperature control to save energy efficiently.
  • The system operates continuously without interruption even if the indoor unit has a problem or is in maintenance.
This is the perfect solution to help EVN CPC control optimum temperature, operate durably, save energy and operating costs.

2. Elevator system

With a large number of personnel and a large scale of departments, the fast and safe movement within the headquarters is one of the priorities. Meeting this demand, Mitsubishi Electric brings the famous elevator system with outstanding quality and durability to help Central Power Corporation headquarters not only experience comfort in every movement but also saves energy.
Mitsubishi Electric elevators are designed with a service life of up to 30 years
Not only smooth, stable and safe operation, Mitsubishi Electric elevator system also focuses on every detail, minimizing damage and maintenance costs, ensuring the world's leading quality and reliability.

3. Visual information system (LED display system)

The LED screen image information system is the next smart solution from Mitsubishi Electric that has been successfully applied by EVN CPC at the headquarters. The system of LED screens with high resolution and wide viewing angle, anti-glossy technology keeps the display always optimally and consistently bright for 130,000 hours. In particular, low heat emissions help to save maximum energy and extend equipment life up to 15 years.
Mitsubishi Electric LED display optimizes capacity with a lifespan of up to nearly 15 years

4. Solar energy system

Following the application of modern technology solutions, EVN CPC has implemented the installation of solar energy system (PV) applied to the grid roof in the headquarters building.
Solar system with grid-connected roof in EVN CPC building
With the use of high-performance solar panels from Mitsubishi Electric, this system not only helps EVN CPC save monthly electricity costs but also creates a modern solar energy application model, contributing to spreading to the community about the importance of using electricity from clean energy sources, contributing to environmental protection and economic development - sustainable society.

5. The first fast charging station for EV in Vietnam

In addition to the rooftop solar energy system, EVN Central Power Corporation is also proud to be the pioneer to successfully deploy the use of the first two 100% electric cars in Vietnam, with integrated solar energy charging station. This is an important premise to accelerate the use of electric cars in Vietnam and contribute to environmental protection.
Photos of the first fast charging station in Vietnam located at EVN CPC
"EVN CPC has built a plan of economical use of electricity over the years. In particular, the solution to save electricity in buildings and offices is of utmost importance. EVN CPC headquarters makes the most of natural light, deploys green offices to reduce the temperature in buildings, uses less energy-consuming devices and raises the awareness of employees. In addition, in recent years, EVN CPC has been developing solar power in buildings to reduce the amount of electricity used during the day or implement solutions such as charging stations for electric cars. Thanks to the synchronous and technical implementation solutions and employees green consciousness, EVN CPC has saved 10-14% of the annual electricity consumption" - Mr. Pham Sy Hung, Deputy General Director, Central Power Corporation said.
Mr. Pham Sy Hung, Deputy General Director, Central Power Corporation
Proud to be a pioneer in the field of Total Solutions for buildings, Mitsubishi Electric is constantly improving and innovating to bring comprehensive solutions to the project, helping the project to save operating costs at the maximum level but still ensuring high quality in production, the Central Power Corporation Building is the clearest evidence.

For more details about Mitsubishi Electric's total solution for buildings, please visit: Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions
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