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The year 2020 was a watershed moment in the building management industry. Over the period of a few short months, building owners worldwide were suddenly confronted with extreme challenges in their commitment to keep tenants satisfied and ensure the health and wellness of everyone who enters and leaves a facility. All the while, those owners relying on Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions have benefitted from the support of a partner with its finger on the pulse of the real and potential impact of unfolding events and shifting short- and mid-term priorities.

A new white paper by Mitsubishi Electric, called Building the New Normal into the New Better, shines a spotlight on the current state of the industry, and looks ahead to where things are expected to be in the coming months and beyond. It was commissioned in an effort to help building owners validate priorities, as well as to serve as a guide to decision-making related to the technologies and practices of utmost importance as the industry transitions beyond the Covid-19 era in the future.

White Paper on the New Normal Era and Beyond