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Oakwood Residence Saigon

Successful in providing outstanding energy-saving solutions for high-class apartments and hotels around the world, Mitsubishi Electric continues to bring to Vietnam market the solution to optimize the operating costs, while affirming the pioneer position in the field of Building Solutions.

What is the energy-saving solution for high-class apartments?

Currently, office buildings, hotels, apartments account for 20 ~ 30% of the total national electricity consumption, of which 40 ~ 50% of the power consumption of the building is for heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Therefore, reducing power consumption is not only a matter of government concern but also a complex problem for investors and real estate service businesses.
What is the efficient energy-saving solution that building owners are always looking for?
Photo: Oakwood Residence Saigon
In addition to focusing on energy savings approach from design and construction, the investment in advanced technologies to optimize the energy efficiency in buildings is what the investors particularly interested. As the world's leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and also a pioneer in Building Solutions in Vietnam, Mitsubishi Electric provides a modern solution which capable of maximizing energy efficiency of the building with 3 preeminent systems:
  3. Inverter Multi-Split Air Conditioner


With the technology of heat pump which has been renowned since 1970, Mitsubishi Electric hot water heat pump system ensures a stable amount of hot water, brings high economic efficiency with 4 times more energy-saving than regular resistors heating technology.
The hot water heat pump system have a very high coefficient of performance COP> 4.0 thanks to the inverter technology.
The system generates hot water all year round up to 70°C (the highest in the market).
The capacity of Mitsubishi Electric heat pump system can be adjusted to optimize energy consumption at different times of the day thanks to inverter technology and most importantly, it is absolutely safe compared to using a boiler.
Moreover, the exhausted cold water can be fully re-used to the VRF City Multi system, through the air processor, providing fresh and cool air to the building, while ensuring comfort and saving energy.


Manufactured in accordance with Japanese standards, Mitsubishi Electric's VRF CITY MULTI® System is a worldwide proven brand with impeccable quality, durability and outstanding features:
  • Works well in extreme ambient temperatures up to 52°C.
  • The highest energy saving factor is on the market. (EER 6.53)
  • Exclusive 3D i-see sensor technology & VET evaporative temperature control to save energy efficiently.
  • The system operates continuously without interruption even if the indoor unit has a problem or is in maintenance.
Mitsubishi Electric's HVAC system is designed to save energy and save operating costs for any project.
The intelligent VRF system can simultaneously cool and heat, without wasting energy resources due to excessive heating or cooling, greatly reducing operating costs.
Mitsubishi Electric Air-condition system is environmentally friendly when implementing the protections according to the RoHS directive - limiting hazardous substances and reducing refrigerants damaging the ozone layer.
CITY MULTI helps control the operating time of each indoor unit and the capacity suitable for each room.

3. Inverter Multi-Split Air Conditioner

In addition, each apartment is equipped with Multi Split Air Conditioner System: an outdoor unit allows to combine up to 4 indoor units, saving installation space and maintenance costs, while minimizing power consumption up to 30% compared to old air conditioner thanks to inverter compressor technology.
The outdoor units are compact and save installation space.
Modern indoor design, flexible according to demand, suitable for diverse interior spaces.
Photo: Oakwood Residence Saigon

Mitsubishi Electric – The "golden" choice of premium brands

Known as a high-class serviced apartment owned by Mapletree Investments - a leading real estate development, investment, capital and property management company headquarter in Singapore, the international branded serviced apartment Oakwood Residence Saigon requested a total building solution, ensuring maximum comfort for guests and satisfying the high standard on energy saving.
Oakwood Residence Saigon
With the heat pump system for hot water (HOT WATER HEAT PUMP) combined with Central air conditioning system (VRF CITY MULTI®) and Air conditioning system 1 outdoor unit connecting multiple indoor units (Inverter Multi-Split Air Conditioning) from Mitsubishi Electric, Oakwood Residence Saigon maintains efficient, safe, cost-effective operation, contributes to environmental protection and affirms quality through the years.
Those are also the sharing from Mr. Vignesh Mani - General Manager of Oakwood Residence Saigon when talking about this optimal combination: "Oakwood places strong emphasis on sustainable development, and we are continuously looking at ways to minimize the otherwise significant environmental impact that the hospitality industry historically has. There is also a greater level of awareness and sense of responsibility amongst travelers and we see how our guests are starting to make environmentally-conscious choices when it comes to accommodation. At Oakwood Residence Saigon, we conduct a wide range of green initiatives including the use of the hot water heat pump with VRF system. We recognize that these solutions play a very important role to reduce power consumption, optimize operating costs for the project, and most importantly, lend to the sustainability of our environment."
Mr. Vignesh Mani – General Manager Oakwood Residence Saigon
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